For junior high school students


Join Harvard Tweneers
and be a STAR!
Be more communicative within 3 levels!

01 Bright

Boost your confidence to speak in English on this level.

02 Blazing

Enrich vocabulary and English expressions in this level so you can communicate better.

03 Brilliant

You've got a lot of expressions and vocabulary. It's time to communicate here.

Fun Class

Learning English at Harvard Tweeners is fun, so you won't feel bored or lazy to speak in English.

Cool Teachers

Teachers at Harvard Tweeners always motivate you to speak English while you do many interesting activities.

Affordable Tuition Fee

By only paying as much as Rp 270.000/-. you can study at Harvard for 5 hours per week. We've got lots of promotion too!

Cool Friends

Get more friends by meeting students from another school. They are absolutely cool because they can speak English.

Great Lessons

Lessons at Harvard Tweeners varies and there are many exciting activities.

Study Duration

01 Bright 8 Months
02 Blazing 8 Months
03 Brilliant 8 Months


Our goal is to make all of our students an Independent Learner. Students are given authentic and interesting material to boost their confidence and make them like speaking in English. So that, after finishing the course, students can enjoy improving their English on their own.

Course fees

Regular class with total of 5 hours meeting a week (two or three meetings per week). Students can choose the time: morning or afternoon.
Registration fee: Rp 100.000, –
Monthly tuition: Rp 270.000,-
(without books or modules)
Examination fee: Rp 100.000,-